SHBS Reacts to the Epidemic
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Dear students, parents, and faculty members:

    When learning about the severity of the novel coronavirus in late January, SHBS established its leading team of epidemic prevention and control work. This team started work online on Feb. 1st. The team have made a package plan to guide the faculty and students on their work, including student activities plan, English learning plan, indoor physical exercises plan, college application planning, and online courses plan. At the same time, the team have looked into and made plans for the quarantine of teachers and students returning from outside Shanghai, psychological counseling for students in the current epidemic situation, academic management, school-parent communication and other related work. The fundraising event, purchase, and donation work has been completed. Thank you for your generous help.

Epidemic Prevention & Control

    After reviewing the announcements and news released by relevant government departments and authoritative media, Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School has taken preventive measures to protect the health of students and faculty members to the greatest extent.

    Before faculty members and students return to school: keep track of their outing information during this break; clean and disinfect the campus, canteen, dormitory and school bus in a comprehensive way, leaving no dead corners, and prepare adequate sanitation and epidemic prevention supplies, equipment, and facilities.

When faculty members and students return to school: the school infirmary will have their body temperatures taken before they enter campus; daily meticulous cleaning and disinfection will be arranged; daily use of hand sanitizer will be clarified and required; we will strictly implement the government's response plan for health and epidemic prevention, etc.

Physical Exercises Plan

    During the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak period, Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan school encourages students to practice indoor exercises. Developing healthy habits is the best way to strengthen the immune system and protect the body against viruses and illnesses. The presidium and sports department of the student union have worked closely with the school administration board to set up a three-level exercise program that accommodates every student’s level of fitness. We ask students to track their daily fitness routine in their homeroom Wechat group, which will be monitored by class leaders and homeroom teachers and reported to the student union. As a way to motivate the practice, class points will be accumulated and awards will be given to top-ranking students and classes. Each week, the sports department of the student union will introduce a variety of challenging programs and sports app courses for faculty and students’ reference. From the three-level exercise program, the third one listed is mandatory; students must participate in order to earn credit.

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English Learning under supervision

    There are five levels in our school’s TOEFL Course System: Pre TOEFL, Basic TOEFL, Intermediate TOEFL and Advanced TOEFL. In order to promote the learning atmosphere among students and help students develop and maintain good study habits in this special period, teachers in charge of TOEFL classes have made clear learning plans for students. Students are required to complete the assignment of the day and give feedback before the designated time every day in the class Wechat group. Teachers will record the students' daily completion and answer students’ questions in the group. And there will be tests on the assignment after the school starts. The completion of daily assignment and results of tests after the start of school will be taken as part of TOEFL course grades.

    In addition, for students who will take SAT, teacher has set up an SAT wechat group. Materials and practicing methods about SAT have been shared in the group. At the same time, daily assignments and feedbacks are required and recorded by the teacher in the SAT wechat group. The teacher in charge will answer questions and provide guidance in the group. Mock examination will be arranged after the school starts. The above plan has been carried out since Feb. 5th.

Online CAS (creativity, activity, service) Activities

    In order to allow students trapped at home by the epidemic to "go out" and participate in collective activities and exercise their ability to cooperate in online activities, the school organizes some online warming-up CAS activities for students to choose and participate. The following three activities are planned for the near future.

    Our first round of online dubbing has been conducted from Feb. 5th to 13th. Now the finalists are preparing for the final live dubbing show.

    This epidemic brings out the best and the worst of human beings, begetting many controversies, which provides materials to exercise the students’ critical thinking ability. In light of this, we decided to organize an online debate themed this epidemic. All candidates shall submit their opening statements before Feb. 15th, and the organizing committee will select the best players. The three topics for our online debate are: 1) In the current epidemic situation, which is more important, to control the coronavirus or to restore the economy? 2) In the current epidemic situation, does mandatory quarantine of patients with fever violate human rights? 3) In the current epidemic situation, when facing a shortage of medical supplies, shall we give up the patients in severe conditions and use the supplies to save other patients with less severe conditions?

    With the development of 5G, short video platforms might become the next tuyere of social and economic development. The draft plan for this creativity contest is that students make creative videos according to the requirements of the activity plan by using the existing short video platform.

    In addition, students are also encouraged to think about what clubs they want to establish or wants to join in, to contact the potential mentors, and to see what online activities can be carried out.  

Standard Tests and College Application Planning

    With the World Health Organization (WHO) characterizing the outbreak as a "health emergency of international concern (PHEIC)", some governments have announced restrictive measures for travellers from China. For students in grade 9 through 11, the biggest impact will be the cancellation of TOEFL and IETLT exams in February, as well as possible problems with SAT due to travel restrictions in some countries and territories. In the near future, Principal Chris and College Advisor Ms. Lin will also remind grade 9 and 11 students to adjust their mentality, reregister for TOEFL and IELTS test in March, and pay close attention to College Board's email and announcement, and make plans to change their test date and test venue. Please read the documents we have shared with you.

Moral Education

    Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School participated in the 1500 national public welfare program for youth " Class of Moral Education on Disaster Reduction, Epidemic Prevention and Safety". Through online learning, students are expected to have a better mentality facing this epidemic and handling study in the current situation. 

    With the consent of students, parents, and teachers, SHBS decided to donate all of our charity fund left last semester, 13129.44RMB in total, to purchase medical supplies to support the medical team braving the virus. The school also supports its Associated Student Board to organize an online fundraising event for the anti-epidemic battle. With the help of students, parents, teachers and friends, we raised another 85716.16RMB. We entrusted the alumni association of Shanghai High School to purchase anti-epidemic supplies to support the anti-epidemic medical team.

    The first batch of supplies purchased by the alumni association of Shanghai High School were directly donated to the medical team of Shanghai supporting Ezhou, Hubei. In view of the increasing number of migrant workers returning to Shanghai, the actual needs of inpatients and medical staff, and the increasing demand for medical alcohol of major hospitals in Shanghai, the alumni association of Shanghai High School decided to directly donate the second batch of supplies to the anti-epidemic medical team in Shanghai.

    In light of the money we have raised, the alumni association of Shanghai High School suggested that we directly donate to “Zhongshan Hospital” to meet their alcohol needs. Currently, 150 barrels of medical alcohol (18L/ barrel) have been purchased and will be delivered to Zhongshan Hospital in three batches on February 17th, 19th and 21st.

Online Courses

Faculty members of Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School started to work online on February 10th, and have finished a one-week new semester training, including the school’s epidemic prevention and control work, how to guide students to have a deeper understanding of the epidemic in class, online teaching design and preparation, etc., to be ready for the following online teaching.

Plans of Double Excellence Programs

Teachers and staff for Double Excellence programs have worked out plans for trainings at home.

To sum up, we already have done lots of preparation in terms of educating, teaching, student activities, logistics and beyond to cope with the current situation. Students, parents and teachers, please believe that we are ready for this challenge, and please be prepared as suggested in the documents we shared with you! Despite the epidemic, we stand together to make sure that our education work progresses in an orderly manner, through which we can strengthen our will, get the spirit to overcome difficulties, and understand that external conditions are not the decisive factor of many things -- our inner strength is fundamental to overcome any difficulty!

Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School Admin Board

Leading Team for Epidemic Prevention and Control

Jan, 14th, 2020