About the School
Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School is founded by Hongrun Group and Bowen Education. The School cooperates with Griggs International Academy (GIA) to provide bilingual or pure English taught high school courses to Chinese students who are willing to go abroad for higher education. GIA is a famous education institution in United States with more than 100 years, and accredited by the 7 leading educational authorities of the United States. This cooperation will enable the school to get the global quality education resources, and open the door to the famous European and American top universities.
The Campus

 Occupies more than 10.5 acres of land, the Shanghai campus is located near Zhujiajiao town, a tourist resort with thousands of years of history. It is also beside Dadian Lake. Beyond the lake is another scenic spot, Grand Garden. Several miles further from the campus is the much bigger Dianshan Lake. The campus can accommodate 800 students.

 Specially designed and decorated classrooms are ready for subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, music, art, computer science and for extracurricular programs in ceramics, carpentry, robotics, cooking, martial arts, piano, and calligraphy. Sports and recreational facilities include indoor and outdoor basketball, indoor and outdoor tennis, an indoor swimming pool, gym, library, media center, theater, and more.

School Goals
  • · To help students develop a moral compass that will guide them in the future.
  • · To ensure students develop an understanding of and appreciation for their own selves, and to find contentment in that discovery and development.
  • · To cultivate a sense of resilience and determination that allows students to navigate hardship and disappointment.
  • · To equip students with fundamental academic skills and a habit of life-long learning to enable future success.
  • · To nurture students’ understanding of their Chinese heritage while providing them with a global vision—to allow them to develop a sense of identity that inspires contributions to their local, national and global communities.
  • · To develop healthy habits and a sense of emotional, relational and physical wellness that allows for meaningful relationships.
  • · To express themselves fully and to communicate clearly.
  • ·To inspire a sense of possibility and a respect for wisdom that guides them in their futures.
Our Vision, Mission and Core Values
VisionAs we construct buildings to last hundreds of years, we provide an education that will provide students the ability to build a better future for hundreds of years to come.
MissionTo nurture world citizens with a Chinese spirit, and Chinese citizen with an open heart to the world.
Value Dignity • Honor • Respect • Integrity