Growth support 
  • • Independent, closed campus, advanced security system, security guards on duty 24 hours, find and eliminate school security risks.
  • • The dormitories, classrooms and activity venues all meet the fire safety standards. Every school year fire knowledge training, fire drills is carried out regularly.
  • • cooperate with the world's top 500 enterprises, Sodexo, catering service company focusing on catering logistics service, and meanwhile carry out strict supervision and transparent kitchen. Regular inspection, random inspection, to ensure that students access to safe, healthy, rich meals.
  • • Select well-known suppliers that focus on the school sector. All indoor and outdoor decoration materials and furniture are made of environment-friendly materials to provide students with a safe, environment-friendly and healthy learning and living environment.
  • • Boyuan Homeroom teacher system. Homeroom teachers are the child's soul friend, and the bridge between parents and children, and the school.
  • • P&B psychology and behavior classes, through video, presentations, discussions, etc., to help children develop their mind and positive outlook.
  • • Guidance and planning for further education. This is to help children explore their potential and interests, find the right direction and work hard for it. Professional guidance is also provided when applying to university.
  • • Dorm parents teach children daily life skills, give children the ability to live independently.
  • • the parents committee provides advice and suggestions for the healthy growth of children.