This early reviving spring saw the annual Career Exploration activity for SHBS students. Due to the recent surge of Covid-19 cases in Shanghai, this year’s activity had to be online. The Career Exploration activity, which is an advising and tutorial program independently developed and designed by SHBS, aims to help students better explore themselves, know about their own interests and hobbies, personality traits, and strengths, enlighten them about how to make good choices of their future majors and career paths, and help them raise their awareness of career development so that they can get well motivated and make proper plans for their high school years.


Led by the college advising department, students embarked on a month-long career exploration and planning journey. It included three phases: self-exploration, career exploration, and career follow-up.


During Career Exploration, based on students' interests and the trends of social development, this year the college advising department invited 15 elites from different industries to share with SHBS students. Each student could talk to guest speakers from the three industries he was most interested in. Guest speakers shared their education experience and career stories, as well as the current status, prospects of the jobs they were engaged in and the qualifications required. With their wisdom on life and career development, they inspired SHBS students to better plan for the future. 


Financial Planner

— 江同学Alisa Jiang —


Having graduated from Financial Accounting Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ms. Wu Chenying is a financial planner and also the financial manager of a listed company. Having worked in the insurance industry for nearly 20 years and held multiple positions such as senior assistant district manager, Hongyun Family, senior partner of home office, and founder of Tianying Family, She is devoted to keeping the balance between family, career and life, as well as integrating and distributing various platforms for resources.


Ms. Wu gave us an in-depth introduction to financial management and investment. She told us that profitability, safety and liquidity are not compatible, and that the greater the profits are, the greater the risks they will bring. She also shared with us the sailing theory in wealth management: the waves are like inflation, and the wind is compared to risks on the market. To ensure a safe and smooth voyage of the sailboat, all crew must work together. A sailboat includes a sail, a hull and a life buoy, which correspond to equity investment, fixed income investment and security investment respectively in family finance.


Having attended her lecture, I have a deeper understanding of money management, as well as its details. I believe I will be more confident when making my career choices in this area.


Fashion Designer

— 任同学 Amy Ren —


Ms. Qin Qiong is a menswear designer. When she was in high school, she chose to major in art instead of academic disciplines because of her interest and college admission results, and was eventually admitted to Donghua University, where she took both her undergraduate and master's degrees. During her years in Donghua University, she gradually found that majoring in fashion design was a wise and appropriate choice for her. She has been working in Mark Huafai Commercial Co., LTD. since 2012. As a design manager, she has unique insights and long-lasting love for fashion design.


Beginning her talk with why she decided on the career of fashion design, Ms. Qin gave students a complete overview of the daily routine and assignment of duties in this area as well as some little-known facts. Fashion designers usually spend a lot of time working on details such as pattern making and material, just to perfect their designs, so fashion designers do not live as colorful a life every day as people commonly imagine. After sharing her career tips, she set aside ten minutes for us to ask questions. Ms. Qin answered our questions one by one and presented her views on the topic of national fashion.


We were impressed by every word of Ms. Qiong’s lecture, which reflected her deep thinking. Her lecture made up for what I didn’t know about fashion design and inspired many of my fresh ideas about this profession. We should learn from her perseverance in traveling back and forth to pursue what she loves, and we also admire her for practise life-long learning. After attending her lecture, we found out that she had chosen not only the career of fashion design but also a warm and positive lifestyle.


Game Designer

— 朱同学Luca —

在本次的职业探索中,我们有幸请到了游戏策划关老师跟我们分享关于游戏设计行业的相关经验。关老师毕业于台湾国立云林科技大学,设计运算研究所硕士学位,11年游戏开发经历,曾参与多种类型的游戏研发,包含 MMORPG,手游,桌游,以及主机游戏的开发,也曾在台湾的华梵科技大学担任兼职讲师,教授游戏设计。先前是 Gumi Asia 的一员,带领团队进行 Brave frontier 国际版的运营内容开发与更新服务。目前在上海维塔士计算机软件担任 Lead Designer 一职。

In this event of career exploration, we were honored to have invited Mr. Guan, a game planner, to share his experience in the game design industry. Mr. Guan graduated from Yunlin University of Science and Technology with a master's degree from the Institute of Design Computing. With 11 years of experience in game development, he has participated in the development of various types of games, including MMORPGs, mobile games, board games, and console games. He also worked as a part-time lecturer at Huafan University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, teaching game design. Previously a member of Gumi Asia, he lead the team to develop and update the operational content of Brave frontier International Edition. Currently, he is the Lead Designer in Shanghai Vitas Computer Software.


When designing games, he said that three departments, namely, art, programming, and planning, need to work together and integrate their resources, and they also need to test the results, and make final adjustments according to the test results. No game would be designed without any of the 3 departments. Meanwhile, he shared some of the best and worst things about working in the industry: It's a industry where you may meet lots of people who share the same liking for games, and you may work with them to create interesting effects that are recognized by players and achieve commercial success. However, you may also be pressed for time, come into conflict with your colleagues because you hold different opinions, and even your hard work may end up with nothing. If you want to be a game designer, you will need to be equipped with a lot of skills, such as writing, aesthetics, music, and maths, etc, but above all, it’s the ability to analyze things and communicate with others.

最后,嘉宾向我们分享了“unity”,“unreal”等学习游戏设计可以用到的网站,并告诉我们, 学习游戏设计最好的方法就是玩游戏,但在玩的同时也需要思考:“这款游戏是如何为我们带来快乐的?”只有不断提问,才能够从玩中学习到有用的知识。

Finally, the guest shared with us the websites we can visit to learn game designing, such as "unity", and "unreal", and told us that the best way to learn game designing is to play games, but we must also think about the question: "How can this game make us happy?" Only by constantly asking questions can we learn useful knowledge from playing games.


e-Sports Player

— 顾同学Kevin —

有幸能听电竞专家刘老师的职业分享。刘老师目前就职于飞马资本,长期深耕于新文娱、体育等产业投资,专注电竞、数字媒体、文创IP等领域,参与投资大神电竞、estar 战队等项目。

I’m honored to attend the lecture given by Mr. Liu, an e-sports player. Currently working with Pegasus Capital, he has been investing in new entertainment, sports and other industries for a long time, and  has focused on e-sports, digital media, cultural IP and other fields, and has also invested in Dashen e-sports, estar team and other projects.


In his lecture, he mainly told us the history of e-sports, such as the earliest games, the earliest live battle, and the most popular moba games on the current market. He also gave us a breakdown of games: moba, Pro, stand-alone, RPG, etc. Of course, he also shared with us lots of useful information, such as professions related to e-sports, requirements for a complete game operation (studio, operation, development events, investors, game players...), types of personnel needed for e-sports, and the average salary levels in e-sports, and so on.


After attending Mr. Liu’s lecture on the e-sports industry, I think e-sports is not equal to playing games, but an emerging sport. E-sports is based on e-sports games, with software and hardware equipment as the core. In the virtual environment created by information technology, e-sports is a kind of antagonistic game competition with unified competition rules and fair competition under the guarantee of rules. It is becoming a new kind of sports. The idea that online games is equal to e-sports is wrong. With the development of the game industry, e-sports projects continue to change. It is no longer limited to IP direct connection or LAN stand-alone games. The prosperity of the e-sports industry has also broadened the boundary of our career choices, providing more career choices for the new generation of young people.


Chip Engineer

— 沈同学Tim —


As a chip designer, Mr. Liu Su has been involved in chip designing since 2007. Previously, he worked with Huawei Hesis Semiconductor, and later with Qualcomm, Arm and Verisilicon. Mr. Liu introduced us to the concept of a chip in a recorded video lecture: a chip is an integrated circuit board filled with transistors. Chips are widely used in various fields, such as cell phones, automobiles, aerospace, AI and so on. Chips are divided into 3nm, 5nm, 7nm and 28nm etc. according to the process, including mobile chips, wifi chips, mobile phone baseband chips and Bluetooth chips. He also talked about the world's largest wafer makers: Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. I learned how chips are made: a photolithographic machine reflects ultraviolet light onto a photoresist coated with chemicals. In the past, people had no idea of chips, but with the development of technology, chips are more and more widely used, and their processing performance is getting better and better year by year, so the demand for talented personnel is also increasing. I realized that working the chip industry may not only be an individual’s career choice, but also one’s dedication to improving the country's soft power.


Healthcare executives

— 白同学James —

孟茜女士是一位医学硕士,曾任职于欧洲DKSH公司诊断事业部产品经理及 DiaSorin公司市场部经理。作为现任美国PerkinElmer公司临床及法规事务总监,全国卫生产业管理协会转化医学产业分会医学法规事务总监,她拥有医疗器械及体外诊断试剂行业产品研发、验证、临床试验、产品上市相关药监局注册、市场运营等20年从业经验。

Ms. Qian Meng, a graduate of Medicine, was a product manager of the Diagnostic business unit of DKSH in Europe and a marketing manager of DiaSorin. As the current director of Clinical and regulatory affairs of PerkinElmer Company in the United States and the Director of Medical regulatory Affairs of Translational Medicine Industry Branch of National Health Industry Management Association, she has had 20 years’ experience in product development, validation, clinical trials, registration and market operation of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents industry.


Ms. Meng first gave us an overview of the background of the medical industry. She divided the medical industry into pharmaceutical industry, in vitro diagnosis industry, medical device industry, and hospital. While explaining the research and development of medical products, Ms. Meng chose the hot topic of covid coronavirus infection treatment as an example, and explained in detail the whole process of the project research and development, from the initial demand, through the basic research on the virus and the formulation of treatment plans, to the manufacture of final medical products. Nucleic acid test, antigen test and other products which were part of people's daily life were developed and tested through this process. Ms. Meng also explained to us the operation mode, employment trend, the internal structure and manpower demand of medical enterprises in detail. We found her lecture useful and beneficial.


Guided by Ms. Meng, students got a general idea of the medical industry, and a brief idea about the basic structure of the medical industry, and were aware of the required majors and ways to take up medical work. During her lecture, I was most impressed by her emphasis on the love and enthusiasm of healthcare workers. Students should really learn from her because she brought this love and passion from work into life and spread this spirit to everywhere in the lecture hall.


Psychological counselor

— 李同学Charlotte —


Ms. Zhang Tengyun, a graduate from the Department of literature and Art as well as a holder of the second-level psychological consultant qualification certificate, won the full graduate scholarship of literature and Art Theory from Shantou University. She was also one of the cross-Taiwan Strait young exchange scholars and a columnist for "Contemporary Guizhou" and "Noah Fortune".


In her lecture, Ms. Zhang shared her unique views on psychology by combining Chinese and Western cultures: From an overall perspective, in terms of practical psychology, we may open up a path of psychology in the context of Chinese culture by combining it with psychological research.

她建议道,在实践心理学的过程中我们可以常常保持对文化的情怀,建立自己内在的自我认知,做一个有现实能力的理想主义者。She suggested that while practising psychology, we should always maintain our cultural feelings, build up our inner self-cognition, and be a realistic idealist.


After getting a degree in Master of Arts, Ms. Zhang was not limited by her major, but made a bold attempt to study for the certificate of psychological consultant. Based on her own past experience, she concluded that psychological counselors should first have the ability to identify people and empathize with others before they can give positive suggestions and feedback through consultation. More importantly, they need to be very good at learning things and have a broad range of knowledge, so that they can fully understand the situation and mentality of visitors from different industries and fields, and of different age groups.


Furthermore, in every industry, the ability to apply knowledge and the ability to learn throughout life will serve as stepping stones to our future careers. As the saying goes, "Never feel tired of learning and never feel bored with teaching, and one can keep doing so", and "learning proficiency for officialdom", when we are satisfied with the material life, we can practise the spirit of “learning for yourself.”.


Finally, Ms. Zhang said that as a consultant who grew up immersed in Chinese culture, we can achieve a thorough understanding of Western culture abroad, and at home we can "Dare to be the first, establish a great cause, keep a sincere.”After attending her lecture, I have a clearer picture of my future: Since my vision is broadened, I will make firmer steps forward.


Many thanks to all the guest speakers for their generous sharing sessions, which have helped students broaden their horizon with their wisdom on life. They also encouraged students to keep exploring. We will keep helping students better plan for their future. Besides, thanks also go to the members of SHBS Parents & School association for their support and the valuable resources they helped find for the development of kids!